Our Philosophy

Accounting Strategy Beyond Numbers

Accounting Strategy provides law firms, small businesses and individuals with strategic financial support beyond bookkeeping basics. Traditional bookkeeping services are often too narrowly focused on the simple act of balancing “debits and credits,” leaving huge gaps that cost business owners and individuals unnecessary time and money. Whether it’s proactive financial monitoring, learning to read and understand your financials, or simply delegating the responsibility of managing your finances, Accounting Strategy elevates the role of bookkeeper to that of an “invisible business partner” so you can focus on what matters most.


Our Founders

Accounting Strategy was founded in 2015 by Valerie and Steve Menker, with the mission to help clients develop and implement accounting strategies that create efficiency, reduce costs and make them more profitable.


Client Testimonials

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    Request a free, 60-minute assessment consultation over the phone or in-person (within a 15-mile radius of Redondo Beach, CA). Free assessments give us the opportunity to get acquainted with you, your business (if applicable), and your current situation so that we can answer your financial questions and create the financial support you need… beyond the numbers.